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Chaos Consulting Group is dedicated to solving your business' computer needs. We specialize in the Linux* operating system to minimize downtime and maximize your productivity, all with service you can count on. We've been serving businesses in Colorado for the past three years.

What can CCG do for you? Any or all of the following:

  • Build a reliable network designed especially for your business' needs.
  • Provide dependable system administration for your UNIX or Linux network.
  • Design a web-based application specifically for your business. Your employees and/or customers can use it anywhere they have internet access, and all they need is a web browser.
  • Design a website that is attractive and attention-grabbing, yet functional and easy to use.

If you would like to learn more about our products and services, please feel free to browse our site using the links at the top.

*Why Linux? Because itís been proven to be a rock solid operating system. Itís the OS of choice of computer experts. You will experience far fewer computer crashes with Linux. Plus, itís open source software, which means you wonít be shelling out big bucks for the most reliable network youíve ever had.

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